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We Offer Bi-Weekly & Weekly Commercial Pet Waste Removal Service - One Time Clean-Ups Available

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Commercial Services
We clean apartment complexes, HOAs, play areas and other commercial properties.
Clean Paw can maintain your entire commercial property or service just a few problem areas. Our solution is affordable. A targeted, weekly cleaning agreement can cost $100 per month or even less. We offer Every Other Week and Weekly Service schedules. All dog waste is bagged and hauled away after each cleaning.
How Bids Are Structured
Bids are itemized by the different zones in a property. For instance, if your grounds contain a mailbox, common area and rock wall we will give you a price for each area. This lets you know exactly how your money is being spent. It also gives you the freedom to decide which areas to focus on. Our bid is partly determined by the size of the area but the largest factor is how much dog traffic an area gets.
The longer a service visit lasts the less our time and money is spent on travel. We automatically issue discounts for larger service agreements.
Get More Information
If you would like more information about commercial pet waste cleaning or a service bid on your Apartment complex, HOA or other property please contact us at 623-385-9095 or e-mail We will submit a written bid within 48 hours of your request.
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Clean Paw Services are always reliable and very professionally documented and administered.
- Penny C.
It's a small price we pay to love the dog AND the yard still! Thank you.
- Lisa K.
Thanks for your prompt service!
- Anita O.
I would highly recommend Clean Paw to anyone with pets. The service is top-notch and the rates are affordable. Clean Paw makes my life easier!
- Katie D.