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We Offer Bi-Weekly, Weekly Pooper Scooper Service & One Time Clean-Ups - Twice Per Week Service Available In Select Areas

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Pet waste removal services
Pet Waste Removal Services
The average dog leaves one and a half messes per day in his backyard. Clean Paw will thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All droppings are scooped, placed in a bag, tied off and hauled away at no extra fee. We disinfect our equipment before and after each visit to make sure your animal stays healthy.
Some yards need an initial One Time Clean-Up before regular service begins.
Biweekly pooper scooper service
Biweekly Pooper Scooper Service
Cleaning your yard every other week keeps your pet waste problem from ever getting out of hand. This service works best if you have 1 or 2 small to medium sized dogs. Cleanings occur 2 or 3 times per month, depending on how many service days fall in that month.
$29 Per Month For 1 Dog, +$9 Per Additional Dog
Weekly pooper scooper service
Weekly Pooper Scooper Service
Weekly cleanings will keep your yard healthy and looking great. We recommend this service if you have 3 or more dogs or medium to large sized dogs. Cleanings occurs once per week, every week of the month.
$49 Per Month For 1 Dog, +$9 Per Additional Dog
Twice per week pooper scooper service
Twice Per Week Pooper Scooper Service
Twice per week cleanings will keep your backyard in tip-top condition. We recommend this service if you have a high traffic yard or are very particular about the cleanliness of your yard. Cleanings occur twice per week, every week of the month.
$99 Per Month For 1 Dog, +$9 Per Additional Dog
1 time cleanup
One Time Clean-Up Service
A thorough cleaning is perfect if you're selling a home, getting ready for a party or just tired of looking at a mess in your backyard. We'll walk your yard, scoop, bag and tie off the accumulated dog waste and deposit it in your outside trash can.
$29 Per Half Hour
Odor neutralizer spray
Odor Neutralizer Spray
After an initial cleaning some yards need some extra help getting back into shape. We use a premium odor neutralizer spray. Our spray contains no alcohol or solvents and is completely non-toxic making it safe for you and your pets.
$25 Per Application
$5 Off Your First Month Of Pooper Sccooper Service!
In these economic times, a service such as Clean Paw is definitely in the luxury column on my financial ledger. But I also have a "sanity" column that it crosses over into a necessity. Being a single mom of young kids, working, and finishing Grad school to improve our financial future, the dependable and reasonably priced service has allowed our family to have a large dog and clean yard to enjoy play dates, impromptu get together's with family, and birthday parties without having to be concerned about the mess. Our yard is utilized almost daily and the peace of mind of being able to check "that" off my list easily offsets the thought process when assessing value of needs versus wants in our budget. "Clean Paw" is code for "clean shoes, carpet, tile, and yard".
- Jennifer D.
I never had the right tools for picking up poop, so cleaning the yard was back-breaking work. My finicky dog begged me to find a professional. Now she loves running around her poop-free yard knowing she will always have clean paws.
- Barbara Y.
We're happy to let you know that we appreciate your great service. You guys always do a great job and best of all - it just happens! We don't have to stay after you. We don't have to ever call you. We don't have to ever email you. We don't have to worry about our gate being locked behind you after you leave. Thank you for doing such a great job over the past several years we have used your service.
- Rick L.
What a great job...Thank you.
- Mike L.